Creator Conversations: Jyhanne

You ever come across those people, who in the moment you meet them you get upset that you didn’t cross paths sooner? As if you’re shaking your fist at divine providence for not bringing this individual into your life even earlier because you felt as if you’ve been friends for eons? That’s how I feel about my friend Jyhanne, who I’ve known for all of 7 months, but feel like we must have been confidants in a past life. I met Jyhanne through Niko while shooting the Bryson Tiller show at Bill Graham in San Francisco, but I knew her work before I actually ever met her in person.


We share a similar ethos when it comes to style, namely be as cozy as the occasion will allow and the most important part is always your footwear (ergo, don’t invite me nowhere that I can’t wear sweats because you going to be sitting there mad I’m at your wedding in Nike Tech Fleece and Cortez, two-stepping with your abuelita without a care in the world). If you browse her site or Instagram you are bound to be greeted by images of her making you rethink how you dress yourself, or lifestyle projects she styles and shoots herself. Jyhanne is a creative. This point being obvious because otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this post about her or the work she does. From shooting your favorite artists, to managing experiential and social marketing for Brooklyn Circus, she is a bit of a one-woman army.



Recently Jyhanne shot Jhene Aiko in San Francisco, and so I am going to use that as a backdrop to showcase her talent behind a lens and just ask her a bunch of generic interview questions. Why? Because I can. WHO GONE STOP ME HUH?! *Hov voice*


Jyhanne on her style and photography type:


Always and forever will be a Cozy Girl. I'm always in sneakers. As far as photography style I'm not quite sure how to explain it but my passion is lifestyle fashion photography + concert/music. It's about capturing the vibez in the moment.  


Jyhanne on her connection to music & dance, and how that led her to Brooklyn Circus:


I've always had a passion for music, and been a dancer most of my life. When I was young, I started out doing ballet & jazz from Kindergarten through 8th grade. I then expanded to Polynesian dance, specifically Hula & Tahitian, and practiced that for over 10 years. As I progressed along, in both life and career, I always had an innate understanding that dance, fashion and music all worked hand in hand, but I had no clue where it would lead me. I knew that somehow, I would work in a place that had all of that under one umbrella whether that was for a production company, a music company, etc. Working for Brooklyn Circus helped me pull those 2 worlds together. 


Jyhanne’s favorite artists:


Nas, Aaliyah, A$AP Rocky, and CL (Korean Pop/Rap)


(now for the part where I throw random questions at her about Jhene)


Jyhanne on Jhene Aiko (alliteration is fun):


Jhene Aiko is an amazing artist. She definitely knows her sound and what works for her, but I can't listen to it all that often because it gets too slow for my liking.



Jyhanne on Jhene Aiko’s performance:

The Trip show was amazing! Yes, the album is vibey and slow but also tells a story from beginning until end. Her visuals and lighting makes the show even better. I love when artists get creative and care about their set design because it helps bring the music to another level. Kids were going wild, as to be expected. She’s really great at fan interaction, reaching out to grab fans hands and venturing to the very front of the stage. At the end, she was throwing fresh lilies from the bouquets she had on stage and fans were so excited! Lastly, she’s a super chill performer, and wasn’t above having “goofy” moments on stage (was doing “the Bernie” and dancing with fans on stage).



Jyhanne on things she’s working on for 2018:


I have an Art show I am putting together that’s supposed to happen Spring 2018. Outside of that, just continuing to strive for my dreams.


- marrón