marrón. takes a trip watch football in DC (during halloween weekend no less)


Sport has a special place in my heart. My favorite early moments with my Ugandan father involved watching Michael Johnson run by people on the track, with little regard to how mediocre he made them seem. As a first-generation child, soccer and other international influenced sports reigned supreme. To me, however, american football always reigned preeminent in my heart and mind. Despite my pops wishes, I ended up playing football from pop warner till my knees gave out in the JUCO ranks, in all that you never really lost that itch to be around the game.

My little brother's football journey still continues (mind you this is "brother" in the black community sense of the word, I've known him since he was in elementary school and our families are close), as such I've been pseudo living vicariously through him since he began playing at Cal to now during his tenure with the Washington football team. Of course that means, despite having no rooting interest in DC's team, I had to go be a fake fan for the day, and it just so happened that they were crossing swords with the team that Jerry built aka the Cowboys. A couple things:

  • The most represented jerseys I saw from my vantage point on the sidelines, were that of Sean Taylor (RIP) and Robert Griffin - Chocolate City remembers
  • Vernon Davis is as big as a clydesdale in person
  • Dak Prescott has been playing like a top 5 quarterback this season, and has been consistently making big time throws all year... albeit, not to Dez Bryant
  • Sideline cameramen have a super difficult job, that also is very physically labor intensive - then add the fact that it was raining? Yeah, they are better men than I

Anyways, enjoy some of the shots I got (was focused mostly on my family, but made sure to get some others as well), was really worried they were going to give me trouble bringing my camera and lens in, but no. The biggest issue I had was keeping my equipment dry when I wasn't prepared for the torrent that occurred (torrent is an exaggeration, but yall get it).