fifty percent. (2019)

In late January, the squad (excluding our newest edition, Shout out to Sheila) decided to sit down as a crew and map out where we wanted to go as a collective this year. This discussion entailed asking ourselves why we do what we do and what we’re all in pursuit of. The answer was, simply put, to “make dope shit with our friends…” and the complex version being to build a platform for us to showcase our work, because no one else was seemingly giving us brown boys these types of opportunities.” Based off this, we came up on a list of what we want to work toward and who we’d like to partner with make our collective visions come to life.

Each member has been working on their own respective portfolio this year, while balancing in work for marrón. This blog post is to showcase our progress towards our personal and collective goals, and how they gracefully interweave, to push our core team, and allies, further toward progress.

Above is a cut titled OCT Exam by Niko Rodriguez aka @technicalbasis. This video is a part of his on-going video project: Super Short Series. The series involves fast paced cuts of video projects he’s been involved in throughout the first half of the year.

Featured here is Ryan’s installment. For his fifty percent. project he chose to collage some of his street photos from his Tokyo trip. Find the bordered collage and the original scans above.

Ryan Abary