marrón moods 2: love hangover - presented by ian

For the month of February, Jotham and our friend Ian put together a set of songs that has the potential to tug on whatever strings your heart may have. This latest mix was created for those with the burden of love taking residence in their heart, in whatever stage of gestation it may be in. From heartbreak (and the push and pull of wanting someone back, who may or may not be good for you), to new found love (even those who are just beginning in that chase), to those who have been going strong together for some time, this is for you.

Ian can attest, that things he was recently dealing with, found a way to manifest and drive this creation of this mix. So every song reflects an emotion that he felt during that complicated time.

Enjoy marron moods 2: love hangover featuring music from Elujay, Abjo, Joyce Wrice, and a few others.

Music curation: Ian and Jotham

Mix: Ian

Artwork: Niko