Allow us to introduce ourselves...


Welcome. This isn’t the beginning of something, insomuch as it’s the continuation of everything. A coalescing of influences and experiences, wrought in the dark of the subconscious and hushed coffee shop conversations, to make something altogether unique.

This is marrón.

We started this first with the idea that we wanted to create visuals for all the dope artists that we know personally and from afar. That then grew, as things often do, beyond that. We partner with artists, businesses, and individuals to breathe life into their work. Creating visuals, providing social media management & content, copywriting, styling, and creative direction for whatever you do or envision.

Why the name marrón? It’s two fold. In art, you find that when you mix paints or colors, you get a distinctive shade of brown. For us, that signifies the melding of our talents, influences, and experiences for the purpose of creating. Secondarily, we are two guys from Southern California of various shades of brown. Growing up as people of color of different cultural backgrounds (Niko is Filipino and I’m Ugandan), we wanted to pay homage to that as it heavily impacts our work.

To paraphrase the words of the venerable Jay-Z…

We coming for all of this, respect our conglomerate.